Kevin Kolb

The next installment of my blog series on somewhat unsung members of my favorite NFL team concerns the expected starting quarterback tomorrow. Kevin Kolb will have his true NFL debut tomorrow at “the Linc”. It will be unlike his exhibition game starts, wherein he often guided a team of pro football hopefuls trying to achieve a roster spot somewhere. It won’t be during “garbage time” in the latter stages of a game already decided as won or lost.

Ironically, in light of the  injury to the starting QB and also Michael Vick’s finishing out of a league suspension, Kevin Kolb finds himself playing a role very different from the usual one of highly anticipated back up quarterback. Usually, the back up is the guy who can do no wrong in the eyes of fans who become weary of every perceived shortcoming of the man who occupies the starting role. But this time Jeff Garcia is back on the roster and back as a the fan favorite of some. So Kevin Kolb might find himself in the postion  tomorrow afternoon of hearing fans call for the back up of the back up of the back up. etc.

If, he fails it will be a heavy indictment of the judgement or misjudgement of a coaching staff who was high enough on him to select him as a high second round pick three years ago. But tomorrow will be his first time at preparing for a whole entire “real” game as starter. Last week in what amounted to a mop up duty situation he looked tentative and many of the plays seemed forced to the premium receiving talent of DeSean Jackson. It looked like the coaching staff was suddenly trying to get him into the flow of things as a result of our starter being injured.

But tomorrow will be about executing an entire game plan and reacting to whatever situation unfolds. It will be far beyond just getting reps in with specific skill players. And teams, and especially, team defenses often rally behind the new guy behind center. I think, and, of course, hope this will happen tomorrow.

At least the weather will be nice.

Eagles 24 Saints 20

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