Sunday! Eagles 2010 Predictions

The Philadelphia Eagles usher in a new season with a young team clad in 1960s championship-era kelly green, vs. the Green Packers, whom they beat for the NFL crown 50 years ago. I’m predicting an upset win for the home/season opener to initiate what should be an uneven but exciting season. So I’m back to the blog for another season of pigskin prognostication:

Week #

  1. Green BayWin… A young team plays over it’s head on opening day
  2. Detroit- Win… The return of LB Ernie Sims sees victory over his old team
  3. Jax Win… Probably play down to there competition but still win in a flat game
  4. Washington Win… Return of McNabb, but it’s all good- so far.
  5. ‘Frisco Win… Things getting a little tight though
  6. Atlanta Loss… Ouch, the first bump in the road
  7. Tenn. Win… Little bit of a rebound
  8. Bye Week… Borrriiinnngg!!!
  9. Indy Loss… Feel the pain, as Manning shnes
  10. Washington Loss… A sports talk radio host’s delight
  11. NY Giants Win… An ugly win on Football Night America
  12. Chicago Loss… Tough in Chicago this year. Grab a glass of Goose Island
  13. Houston Loss… A team that’s always a sentimental favorite. Houston, do we got a problem?
  14. Dallas Loss… A dire Texas two step?
  15. NY Giants Loss… Getting cold in here
  16. Minn. Win… Brett retires again?
  17. Dallas Win… Close the regular season in inspired fashion

So looking like 9-7, but I think we eke out a Wild Card appearance. Not a juggernaut yet but a young team pointed in the right direction. But please end the Vick experiment!

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