Hoop It Up!

I’ve finalized my picks for this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships, just in time for tomorrow’s first play-in round that begins the field of 64, i.e. 68! I’ve discussed possible office pool scoring options with some of my fellow sports fans and math whizzes, and have come up with one I like in terms of both simplicity and fairness.

Score each round of correct choices 2-4-6-8-10-18. In other words, count by twos for each successive round, except for the final champion wherein you add the previous round’s point total to award a final bonus of 18 (10+8). This awards correct picks for all early rounds, while serving up a decent bonus for those who correctly pick the final champion. Please click on the basketball icon below to access my online selection chart at the bottom of my “Sports” page. Thank you for reading, lotsa luck and have fun!


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