Follow the Bouncing Fútbol


As only UConn survives my office bracket pool, I now divert my attention to the recent good start enjoyed by our Philadelphia Union MLS soccer team. Colombian goalkeeper Faryd Mondragón and Guatemalan forward Carlos Ruiz (not the identically named Panamanian Phillies catcher) are the newest veterans to join “the side” that quickly finds itself atop the MLS Eastern Conference after a pair of 1-0 shutouts. All good so far, and local soccer fans have been celebrating the new game day televison package deal with mega-cable provider Comcast, er,  Xfinity, or whatever it’s called now.

Ironically, this year it seems there will no longer be Spanish language broadcasts over non-cable HD networks such as Univision, Telefutura, and Telemundo. I myself am not Latin-American, and while not fluent in Spanish, I do enjoy the Spanish broadcast of the games, especially when my appetite demands that I rely upon our over-the-air-HD-only kitchen TV. Not to mention the actresses on the telenovelas are gorgeous. At work, I often recommend that our student sports fans tune in to the Spanish language broadcast of the games to enhance their foreign language skills.

Our squad (especially the backline) displays a strong Colombian  presence and our newest uniform sponsor, Bimbo, i.e. “Just say Beembo” is a Mexican bread and snack company with a charming white bear mascot. So while we can enjoy the telecasts of  an entertaining upstart fútbol side and the charming “Osito Bimbo”, I’ll miss the triumphant shouts of “Gggoli, Goli, GGolllaaasssooo!”.

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