Foo For Thought

I very much enjoyed the Foo Fighters’ performance on Saturday Night Live a little over a week ago. If you follow them via social networking, i.e. Twitter; “Like” them on Facebook, etc. you will witness the really cool, fan-friendly way in which they promote their new material with a live performance of the entire album and a previous live concert cinematic premiere.

The new album contains much of their trademark fast, propulsive guitar and bass high-energy rhythmns. Lyrics usually veer off into moods of darkness and brooding, yet somehow leave a listener with a sense of triumphant inspiration in the face of life’s trials and emotional challenges. “Learn to Fly” has always been one of my favorites, and yet I hadn’t known that the equally powerful “Everlong” has special meaning to David Letterman. In addition to the SNL appearance, the band performed Letterman’s favorite tune during an un-aired performance from the CBS show’s studio. The late night TV host issued a highly personal introduction to the song, during which he described his ordeal with heart surgery and how the song continues to inspire him. For fans of this band and their type of music who have experienced a loved one going through similar surgery, this was high-impact emotional stuff.


Check out the songs on the new album Wasting Light. A nice version of “Learn to Fly” performed at the White House is on YouTube. Seems like fans of this band are in prestigious company.

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