The Bulls of Pamplona Seem Less Intimidating

Like an itch you can’t avoid scratching, I just had to say something via “bobsfreeblog” about this video clip that I initially viewed before work on Thursday morning. I find it disturbing that people like this play into the mainstream media’s tendency to portray suspected child murderers as rock stars. But then again, a drug addled sitcom star comes off looking like a motivational philosopher/guru and the airheaded hockey mom has managed to position herself in the public eye as a serious political reformer.

At a time when unemployment in our country hovers around somethng like 10% I find little amusement in watching a gaming industry executive with bad hair and delusional politcal aspirations publicly fire people. Perhaps I’d feel different if I knew I had “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA”. 

In this day and age of all news and “entertainment” all the time, each of us solitary individuals has the ability to use tools like Twitter, Facebook and blogs to create and disseminate the sight and sounds that tell the stories of our lives in a manner not unlike the CNN and Fox “top guns” working away in office high rises- albeit typically in a more raw, visceral  and somewhat unpolished way. Perhaps we all should take a moment each morning to resolve to do things with our own lives a little better, even if it seems that those media top guns don’t, or even won’t. CNN anchor Robin Meade did editorialize a bit in saying this incident seemed “Kinda weird”.

I wonder if these people have ever been selected for  jury duty? At least, from the looks of the woman riding the scooter, it appears that Florida court facilities are somewhat ADA compliant.

¡Hasta luego, mis amigos!


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