Will The Circle Be Unbroken

If a status update uploads and no one sees it, does one’s status remain unchanged?

And no, I will not copy/paste your copy/pasting of a friend of a friend’s status for a day, an hour, a minute, or nanosecond. Nor will I shovel manure on your Zynga Estates in Farmville, nor launder money for you in Mafia Wars.

If you require notification stating my desire to remain on your friend list, either I shouldn’t be on it, or, you already list way too many quote/unquote “friends”.

Take a good long, look at yourself in the mirror. If you feel truly worthy of staying in my friend list, Twitter-following, digital address book, Ning/ring, or one of my Circles, then I sincerely admire your self confidence and loyalty.

However, speaking of Circles, if you have ever the slightest doubt about your worthiness regarding your status within my digital social hub, then please seriously consider extending me a Google+ (that’s Google “Plus”) invite. As of now, I do not have one, and so if you do this for me you will forever assure yourself a lifelong place in my digital universe, and perhaps even in my heart, if appropriate. Oh and don’t worry about the mirror. We all love to look at cute little faces on our “Notification” lists in the morning but, really, the mirror reference is just my attempt at clever metaphor.

Thank you.

I’m Bob Amos and I approved this message.

“One life, one love!!!”

plus circle

And so some of us in the social network still find ourselves without a Google+, i.e. “G+” invite. I’ve heard that it will go general release to the public at the end of this month. Well, read about just that, ironically, on a Facebook comment posting! As you may surmise, I would really welcome an alternative to Facebook via the innovative efforts of Google. Gmail is terrific and well, let’s forget about the shipwreck washed ashore by GoogleWave.

Despite my current status of sans invite, I find myself initially optimistic about the success of G+ upon first view of the tour page found on plus.google.com. The clickable tour page takes you through a handful of basic components making up Google, Inc.’s latest social network environment. It’s certainly a very welcome change from the hour long press event video used to introduce the ill-conceived GoogleWave a couple years back.

It’s fun to compare the G+ components to their theoretical counterparts found in Facebook/Twitter, Foursquare, etc:

Plus +1 is the feature that is available already to all us netizens. It’s Googles version of the “Like” button and displays your various likes on your Google Profile. Users of the Google Profile can avail themselves of the basic variety of elements necessary to present who you are on the Web: photo album, favorite links, map indicating your hometown, etc. It has a nice basic, lean, clean look to it compared to all the distracting “TMI” bells and whistles of Facebook.

One of the invitation only features, Circles, seems pretty much what the name says, except I’ve learned that it allows for greater customization than friend lists because you can copy/paste circles within parts of each other.

Hangouts and Huddles, I would imagine, are analogous to check-ins and conference chats respectively. Instant Upload and Sparks both intrigue me although I don’t of course fully comprehend how they’ll work for us general users once we get a hand on them. It appears that they’ll be a less clunky, more in-the-moment live sharing of photos, video, multimedia, etc.

Sparks looks like a way of integrating Google searches with the Plus 1 approval system that allows users to connect with organizational and corporate sites similar to recommended merchants, celebrities, artists and businesses in the manner of Facebook’s “Like/Share/Recommend” scheme.

In comparison to Facebook, I like the elegant simplicity and intuitive feel of what I’ve encontered thus far. I hope Google+ is a success and can’t wait to climb aboard. What would you think?

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