Keep Your Friends Close, Your Real Friends Closer

Throughout this heatwave I’ve mostly remained indoors keeping busy with updating to the new Macintosh OS X Lion software and also gaining a little more experience with Google+. I like what I’ve been using of Google+ thus far. The system of circles  improves over the friend list found in Facebook. However, potential invitees must have a Gmail and Google Profile to join a current member’s circle(s) during the initial trial period for this latest of social networks. So I haven’t really brought in many friends, family and acquaintances from my other networks on the web.

I’m so far enjoying the aspects of G+ which combine characteristics of Facebook and Twitter (which I use only seldom). There’s an option to merely “follow” someone amongst your circles. So someone like Leo Laporte, whom I dont’t know personally, is an expert I can follow to read what he has to say on a regular basis, in addition to viewing and hearing any media clips he may upload. Unlike Twitter, I can view full comment threads of discussions and all the present participants and not just the glimpses of clips, replies and mentions posted soley by those on my Twitter list. Unlike Facebook, I can prioritize friends, acquaintances, followed people, etc. with little concern regarding unfriending, deleting, confirming and approving per se.


As the network expands from a mere 20 million presently , there will be lots of changes and hopefully, improvements but it’s been a pleasant user experience so far. Posting photos and links in a simple blank window seems smoother and simpler than it is with Facebook. Although, G+ appears mainly at first to be an alternative to Facebook, MIke Elgan, a Computerworld columnist I’ve been following has some fascinating things to say about Google+ vs. Twitter. Although, I read several tech sites each (mainly Apple-centric) I don’t really enjoy having to maintain password log-ins for all of them so having one place to keep track of content provided by people like Elgan, Leo Laporte, Macworld staff writers, etc. in one place is very convenient and enjoyable.

Pretty cool stuff so far.


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