Why Can’t Siri Sound More Like Zooey?

By now we’ve all seen the iPhone 4S television commercials featuring Hollywood stars Samuel L. Jackson and the gorgeous and multi-talented Zooey Deschanel. Of course, you don’t have to be an actual iPhone user like myself to suspect that Siri’s capabilities are wildly exaggerated in those ads. Oh sure, Siri gets it done for me if I need to adjust iCal or send a text. But she is a little tough on battery life, and, other than attending to hands-free driving-related tasks, most of her skills are matched rather easily by just manually keyboarding whatever needs to be done. I will admit she has, on occasion, efficiently aided me with my pre-configured voice-activated remote blogging to WordPress (textual entries only).

Understand of course, that Siri is beta, a mere work in progress. Still I feel that her vocal tone could ring a little more pleasant to the ear. I think the voice activation diva in my sister’s new Ford Fusion sounds like she and Siri are relatives. Siri quite often sounds very business-like and, if a follow-up request to complete a somewhat complex tasks proves too difficult, she can sound somewhat irritated with you. If you’re terribly lost in your vehicle somewhere she usually sounds like the “self-destruct option” PA system announcement in those old sci-fi flicks. Would it be too much to ask that Apple extend some royalties to our favorite stars so that Siri can at least sound more pleasant, like Zooey, or even irreverently and sarcastically witty like Samuel?

Zooey Apple Ad

Oh well, hey, Siri, order up some concert tickets to see my favorite blue-eyed American cinematic chanteuse on her next tour stop. And maybe a backstage meet and greet with Zooey? Oh, and bring us a couple of Red Bulls (You like a Red Bull, huh Siri?). Ah perchance to dream… of Zooey… and Siri… a congenially, compliant and fully-enabled Siri…

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