New Look For Summer

Apple, Inc. will eliminate it’s webhosting product, MobileMe, at the end of this month to make way for it’s iCloud line of products/services. Personally, I loved the program, which allowed me to design my own web site with 20 GB of space for just a $100 per year subscribtion. However, with change forever upon us, I’ve transitioned rather nicely by inserting additional pages to this blog and copy pasting most of the web site material to them. Happily, most of the hyperlinks remain intact; text formatting is rather plain and awkward in appearance at some parts, but so far the results have been positive. And the basic WordPress product is free (as is the basic iCloud for the most part).

The new pages, I hope, will allow me to feature news about upcoming events in my community in a more focused manner. Below is a digital postcard depicting some of the SBRN beach event fundraiser that took place early this month in Longbranch, NJ. Good times! Happy summer to you all and thanks for reading!

The beach scene, featuring (top left) the sea captain atop Rooney’s Restaurant.

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