Uncorked and Chillin’

Closing out midsummer a couple weeks ago, I enjoyed an unusual bottle of wine on the final weekend of July 2012. Turk Zweigelt from Austria arrived from greatclubs.com early last month. I’m very partial to rieslings and gewurztraminers but can’t recall the last time I’ve had a red from the vines of Austria, or any German speaking countries, for that matter. This bottle opens with a screw-off metal cap (no cork). I do enjoy the quick simplicity of no cork once in a while.  Having no expectations taste-wise, I detected strong, intense peppery flavor sensations and a spiciness that bordered on a near fizziness that I’ve only noticed previously in some Portuguese vihno verde whites.

zweigelt red

The wine club documentation (which accompanies each shipment) describes  Zweigelt as a cross-breeding of two different Austrian grapes. The wine created by Fritz Zweigelt imports from countries as far flung as Hungary, Canada and Japan. This wine seemed so unusual that having opened it to accompany broiled fish dinner, I afterwards stowed the last half of it in the refrigerator to enjoy with a Big Mac, fries and apple pie (pictured above) the next day. A bit of chilling beforehand smoothed things over flavor-wise to pair well with the fast food. All in all, a nice off-beat non-corked bottle to commemorate the breakage of some basic culinary rules. The Spanish languge alternate keyboard is the only one I’m pretty handy with, so sorry about any missing umlauts.

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