Philadelphia Eagles Pre-game Picks

Introducing my win/loss football season forecast for the Philadelphia Eagles tomorrow, commencing with the home opener, I hope with a win vs. the Baltimore Ravens and Rutgers University’s own Ray Rice. Rather than applying a game-by-game breakdown popularized by the sports broadcast media, I’ve decided this year to invoke a “ten over/under” method (approximately in chronological order) which assumes that bad teams finish well under ten wins (out of sixteen), with great teams’ win totals exceeding that number, and mediocre squads languishing somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, I don’t anticipate starting QB Michael Vick finishing the season without injury, so I’m hoping he can lead the squad to at least for four or five wins before his back-up, rookie QB Nick Foles takes over and the Birds eke out a 9-7 record and perhaps a playoff win.

The Ws
Cleveland, BaltimoreDetroit, Dallas, @Washington, Carolina, @Tampa Bay, Washington, @NY Giants

The Ls
 @Arizona, NY Giants, @Pittsburgh, Atlanta, @New Orleans, @Dallas, Cincinnati


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