“The Issues of October”: NJ & The November Disability Constituency

With our national election looming just two weeks from now, residents of our great home state of New Jersey can take advantage this month of a fine informational resource for promoting political issues affecting our disability community, both locally and nationwide. The New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities publishes a monthly magazine called People & Families. The current issue, Every Voice Counts, focuses on pertinent political subjects impacting the lives of persons with disabilities in the Garden State.

People & Families November Cover

A highlight of the issue are the statements provided by the various candidates themselves describing their postions on the topics of healthcare, employment, education, and community inclusion, plus their respective viewpoints regarding “vision for the future”. Unfortunately, many of the candidates at the national and congressional level failed to provide a response “as of press time”. Still, the responses of those who did share their views are of very high interest and the remaining pages of the issue contain several good articles discussing the vital importance of greater political involvement by members of the disability community.


I know of many people who have participated in the creation and production of this magazine, and others, like myself, who have enjoyed being the subjects of the regular feature article profiles, often with beautiful photographs. Also, the current inner back page contains a colorful full page graphic concerning the NJCDD’s anti-bullying campaign. It’s all essential reading and also coincides nicely with the final days of October and Spina Bifida Awareness Month.

*View the Current Issue Download Page Here!


spina bifida teal ribbon

**Please come out and help The Spina Bifida Resource Network promote greater spina bifida awareness at our fun event in Gloucester County this November. Just click on the “Teal Ribbon” above or the “Community” tab at the top of this blog for details and ticket information.

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