Weathering the Storm With “TeamMillie”

In the aftermath of the terrible destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy in NJ, NYC, and vicinity, I am writing this blog post to discuss an effort by a community of friends to come to the aid of one of our own. Millie Gonzalez is a dear friend of mine whose home in Union Beach, NJ needs to be rebuilt after the severe damage from the massive storm. A mutual friend of ours has set up a website so that Millie can receive donations toward restoration of her property. Additionally, another mutual concern we share is having been born with spina bifida, which is quite significant because the restoration to Millie’s property will require wheelchair-accessible modifications, usually incurring additional expenses.

Mere words cannot sufficiently surmise what this courageous, talented and beautiful woman means to her extensive network of friends and colleagues in the spina bifida and disability advocacy communities. Her tireless volunteer efforts coordinating and implementing projects and training events have enriched and enhanced the lives of so many in the disability community, including, of course, myself. Her community outreach work is as outstanding as is her professional role as an educator at a NJ public unversity. There is no doubt that any help she receives will eventually be “paid forward” through her continued unwavering commitment to bettering the lives of others.

She often derives joyful inspiration through the colorful images of the “blue butterfly”. Please scroll down to the link beneath la mariposa azul to make a donation. Millie and her friends and family truly appreciate it. ¡Gracias!

Blue Butterfly

Millie’s Hurricane Relief Fund by Michelle Flaherty – GoFundMe



Below is a link containing additional current news information about the clean up and restoration after Hurricane Sandy:

Hurricane Sandy: How you can help – Rock Center with Brian Williams

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