You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play

I recently came across some information on my Twitter feed about a fun contest presented by G-Technology, makers of digital media drives. There are both amateur and professional competitive categories for almost everyone (18 and over) who enjoys creating visual media: video, music, photography, etc. Only entries dating from 2012-2013 are eligible, but the competition doesn’t close until the end of October so there is plenty of time to enter. Entrants will not only have an opportuntiy to provide a brief description of their submitted work, but can also enjoy viewing a web gallery of other entries and cast their votes for the best ones.

Thunderbolt Drive Front

The top prize is a brand new Thunderbolt drive and $5,000! I have never purchased a G-Technology product but have seen and read good things about them. However, as an owner of a mid-2009 MacBook Pro which still utilizes Firewire I am a little bummed about Thunderbolt to be honest.  But hey, five grand can get you a pretty nice upgraded machine (enough even to make you switch from Windows to Mac, maybe) to go along with your new shiny, metallic-finish drive. Not to mention Thunderbolt is supposed to be super-fast!

Thunderbolt Ports

So take a photo, make a video, record some cool sounds. Use equipment you already have on hand and see what you can come up with (which Is what I did). You’ve got nothing to lose and can view your work next to all the other participants and cast a vote! Good luck and have fun! Link to the contest information is here: – Page


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