Apple Polisher?

As Apple, Inc.’s MobileMe product finally ascends into the iCloud, I find myself a bit amused by the company’s choice of words in a letter to subscribers. Personally, I enjoyed the program immensely when it consisted of 10 GB of web space, mail, back up, etc. I could throw together a pretty decent web site easily and still enjoy a great deal of design flexibility and creative options. Eventually, the company decided to go the way of products such as Google Drive and Dropbox and turn the product to cloud storage service with a tiered pricing system (20 GB for $40, 50 GB for $100 per yr.)  and integration with iTunes.

Today’s announcement warned of the downsizing of the 20GB transitional period to 5 GB this September for MobileMe members (who were given a year long extension of the higher amount). I appreciate the fact that all iTunes media purchases do not count against the limit. Fact is most of my music is on CDs anyway and I never really approached the 5 GB limit knowing full well that the program was destined for downsizing eventually.

Letter from Apple

I just find it odd that they need to remind me that they were once nice enough to previously “thank” me for buying their product. The wealthiest company on the planet might want to word their correspondence in a way that encourages me to maintain continuing enthusiam for their wide range of products, despite any anticipated inconveniences due to cost constraitns, etc. Heck, a slightly heftier 8-10 GB might brighten some cloudy days!

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