To Soar Like An Eagle, Or Waddle Like A Duck?

If there is indeed to everything a season, then tonight’s game featuring Coach Kelly’s  Eagles visit to Washington DC represents the end of a fresh new beginning for long suffering but perennially hopeful Philly fans. No one knows what to expect as to the number of wins and losses, but the former University of Oregon Ducks head coach will bring a new look offense and a faster paced overall game plan. Amid concerns about the poor play of last year’s defense, it would seem that fans can expect many high scoring games. Personally, I don’t see the defense getting much worse than it was last year and I’m looking forward to seeing more efficient game strategy and clock management.

The NFL in general has aggressively marketed a new overall theme for its product that seems much more theatrical and sharply focused in on the vast commercial TV audience. Opening weekend extends beyond Sunday afternoon and runs from Thursday evening to Monday night. Many hallowed athletic venues have been torn down and replaced with facilities that encompass huge corporate lounges and club suites. Ryan Seacrest “kicks off” the countdown to the season opener as the league gives its blessing to “fantasy football leagues” across the nation. As we all cling to our own traditions, and familial and friendly camraderies under “Friday Night Lights” and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, we also have an opportunity to relinquish some outdated and insensitve ones as suggested by Peter KIng of SI/MMQB.

The Vet

Veterans Stadium Poster (circa 1980s)

Hence, here is my annual quick very un-expert forecast for the 2013 Eagles season (for amusement purposes only!):

WINS: Chargers, Chiefs, @Giants, @Tampa Bay, Cowboys, @Raiders, Washington, Cardinals, @Vikings

LOSSES: @Washington, @Broncos, Giants, @Packers, Lions, Bears, @Cowboys

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