OktoberFIRST Signs o’ the Times & Disability Pride

The 3rd Annual NJ Disability Pride Parade & Celebration will kick off in less than 72 hours. I attended last year’s event for only a few brief moments but this year I’ve planned to stay until the very end! If you can start your weekend early then you should plan to be there too! If not, there are other ways you can help, such as following via your favorite social networks, reading, sharing,  tweeting and re-tweeting about disability issues, and, of course donating whatever large or small amount as you see fit.

Click Here For Answers To Most Event FAQs!

Our New Jersey event derives much of its inspiration from the huge disability pride parade held every summer in Chicago. Our event promises to have its own unique East Coast atmosphere with plenty of entertainment, guest speakers, adaptive sports/recreation personalities, informational booths, etc. Forecasts of pleasant early fall weather at this point seem very encouraging!

Previous Year’s Logo Art by Brian Mazzarella

Whatever connection you may have to persons with disabilites, civil rights activisim, and/or universal human equality, this is an event you should become more and more familiar with in years to come. October is also Spina Bifida Awareness Month and so some of us in attendance will support SBRN by commemorating that.

Thank you for reading. After looking over all the information please share, re-share, tweet, re-tweet, blog, pin, etc. A lot of great things are going on in the world of disability advocacy and the future looks bright, but there is still much to accomplish, so let’s keep up the good work and maintain the conversation!

Oh, and in closing, please take a look at these…

The Accessible Icon Project has created some fine graphic artwork in an effort to push the conversation forward about disability rights and universal human equality in very eye-appealing and elegantly simple fashion. Their website does solicit donations and they offer cool things like logo t-shirts for sale. However, what I really like is that they offer the basic design for free under Creative Commons, which means that the logo can be downloaded for non-commercial use by community members seeking to update the old familiar universal accessibility symbol visible from mall parking spots, theatrical venues, rest room facilities, etc. There’s even a section explaining how to construct stencils to create a wheelchair accessible parking space with that 21st century look! I love what they are doing so please check them out HERE!

Thanks again for reading. See you Friday, October 4th, 2013!

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