The commissioner of the NFL now suggests eliminating the extra point after a touchdown as discussed in depth in this AP news story:

Goodell suggests ditching the PAT kick

Most fans would agree that the point after touchdown is so automatic to the point of being an after thought. Kind of like the big time pro sports version of receiving the metallic star sticker on that perfect paper from your 3rd grade teacher (sometimes the glue would be dried up on the occasional star sticker, likewise the case with the handful of missed PAT kicks in a given season). Several years ago the league adopted the rule used in schools and colleges allowing for the additional option of a play from scrimmage for two points. This comes to play in a close game, especially as the game clock runs down, but heck, head coaches have a lot of other decisions to worry about on game day.

I think the commissioner is less concerned about creating more excitement than he is with insuring more opportunity for lucrative on-air commercial time. The PAT provides optimal extra seconds for fans to get up from the couch and grab a snack, a drink, a smoke, or make a trip to the bathroom, thus missing another commercial (just in time to witness the scoring team’s kick off leading up to, of course, another commercial).

goal postR. Amos

My feeling is that teams already have a punter on the squad whose value to his teamates (especially defense) is generally very underrated, and, since he seems like more of an actual football player than does a placekicker, that he should be the one to attempt the extra point (no holder required). Or work it out between the coach and QB, RBs, WRs, etc. to push it in for two. Eliminate the need for a kick-off after a sucessful PAT and let the opposing team take it at the 20. Less chance for injury and a spot for another commercial!

Anyway, for Super Bowl XLVIII, I’m going with Peyton Manning to enhance his legacy and lead the Broncos over the Seahawks 27-24… That is, if it doesn’t snow like it did yesterday.

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