Kelly Green

My Philadelphia Eagles 2014 W-L predictions, hopefully posted by half time of tonight’s NFL opening night game:


Jaguars, DC, Rams, Giants, @Texans,  Titans, @Cowboys, Cowboys, @DC, @Giants


@Colts, @49ers, @Cardinals, Panthers, @Packers, Seahawks

A 10-6 season would equal last year’s regular season record. I usually predict them to lose a game they’re supposed to win, and vice versa, steal a win from a scenario that works out typically as a loss. Therefore, I think it reasonable that they sweep their opponents in a weak division but encounter a great deal of difficulty keeping some tough road opponents off the scoreboard.

Meanwhile, let’s turn our attention to doing whatever possible regarding a change to the color of our home team’s uniforms. It’s now Coach Kelly’s team so let’s bring back the “kelly green”! No real Eagles fan actually likes “midnight green” do they?

Below are some pix and a couple resource links for your viewing pleasure:

tailgate photo

Your Humble Blogger Resplendent in Kelly Green Retro-gear!

kelly green silver wings

The above illustration uses a web friendly shade of “kelly green” with the “hex-code” of #00993. When creating web designs and art projects (especially sports-related), select a code like this one to spread the word about the favorite color for our home team! Read more at the link below:

“Fly Eagles, fly…”

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