A Brief History of The Hand Turkey

If you attended public school in the USA sometime within the last two centuries, you’ve been there…

It may have been traced, finger-painted, or cut out of construction paper, and, using paste or glue-stick, paper-plated and hung up on the family refrigerator.

Behold The Mighty Hand Turkey!

turkey drawing

But then came PCs, Apple iMacs, latptops, tablets, smartphones, scanners, stylii, and trackpads; and so, the early grade school artistic rite of passage would never be the same!

turkey photo 2

Many people might go their entire lives without seeing a real live turkey other than the cooked flesh of the one situated between the mashed potatoes and green casserole on their dinner plate. Below is a photo of some wild turkeys on my street:

wild turkeys

Before the end of another holiday season, might it not be a good idea to reclaim a little bit of your lost innocence? Step away from the computer or TV and grab your kids, your nieces and nephews, grandchildren, whomever, and make some good old-fashioned hand turkeys! And then, to get ready for Christmas, string together some green and red paper chains and cut out some paper snow flakes (especially the authentic looking six-sided ones, not the funky rectangular ones from elementary school):

paper snowflake

Click on the image below to view my very short animation of a 21st century hand turkey painted with an iPhone app. Maybe the folks at Pixar or Dreamworks could get together with me on this and start something big for next holiday season! (may require Flash).

turkey picture

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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