Your Digital Social Secretary

About that little red dot frequently appearing on your Facebook page and mobile phone app? It can signify anything ranging from admiration for your latest vacation “selfie” (oh joy, joy) or an invite from a friend who requires assistance with fertilizing their crops in Farmtown (oh, bummer).

While checking my friend list on my phone recently, I noticed the bright red round alert suggesting that I upload all my address book contacts to Facebook. Apparently it’s a dynamic, thorough feature, working “continuously” as it were.  Quite frankly, I’ve been lax in in tidying up my contact list to the point where I don’t even remember who some of these people are (dating back to the days of Yahoo and AOL chat rooms even). So the Facebook algorithm becomes a handy tool to help decide whom among my contacts rate “friending”, and vice versa.

It’s almost like an electronic social secretary. “…And 92 other friends [out of my nearly 140] have added their contacts to Facebook.” Like many things Facebook, it seems rather heavy-handed to me, so at this point I think I’ll pass. But if we haven’t chatted in a while and you want to be friends? Or you can always connect with me on Linkedin.

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