One-Sixty-Three: Part II

Sports fans in the Greater Philly/So. Jersey area have generally accepted the fact that the Phillies will not likely make a legitimate run to the National League pennant this year. They possess one top-notch starting pitcher and some solid relievers, but relief pitching does you no good when you have no consistent hitting power to keep you in games by the seventh inning stretch.

Still, this email I received from the Baltimore Orioles this morning put a smile on my face:

Fact is, Philadelphia phan-hood has and always will be in the blood from my very moment of birth. Yet, Oriole Park at Camden Yards is still my favorite place to catch a ball game. Citizens Bank Park is great for spending a day at the ball park. And they even announced new food with innovative hot dog varieties this year.

Eagles Game Tailgate With Citizens Bank Park In The Background

However, Oriole Park can’t be beat for the experience of a complete weekend hotel and baseball package. Easy walking distance to the game, Legends Museum, Babe Ruth’s birthplace and numerous eating options abound, making an Orioles game a truly unforgettable experience. Oh, and crab pretzels of course! It’ll be interesting to see how many fans in O’s orange make the trip to Philly and vice versa for the June mid week inter-league home and away series.

Last Summer’s Wild Weekday Noon Playoff v Tigers

And since the Phillies don’t seem to be going anywhere this year, wouldn’t it be nice to see Ryan Howard DH for the O’s by season’s end? At any rate, for our Fightin’ Phils, and Baltimore’s Birds, and for the rest of all major league baseball, the magic number at this moment stands at 163. There’s always hope. 

To view more relevant stories and photos please type “Baltimore” in the “Search” field for this blog. Enjoy the games and may the best team win with class and dignity. Thank you for reading. Comments welcome.

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