A Springtime Glimpse Of The Golden Hour

A quick glance out the kitchen window quite often yields a subtle, almost surreal natural drama. Photographers refer to a visual phenomenon known as the “golden hour”. It occurs shortly after sunrise and again right before sunset and paints the landscape in soft hues of red and gold. The picture below, dating from this past April 22nd at around 7:30 pm EDT, reveals something similar. However, what I find unique is that around the very same time on the very next day, the golden band atop the trees up the street had since disappeared and I haven’t seen it look like that since. Perhaps the sun-drenched leaves were changing color at just that exact peak moment. I also think a heavy dusting of sneeze-inducing pollen might be a factor.

Whether it’s wild turkeys raucously running up the road, an ominous abandoned hornet nest high up in a near tree, or winter birds dive-bombing the holly bush for fresh berries during an unseasonably warm winter afternoon, a gaze out onto the side porch provides a brief feast for the eyes at various times throughout the seasonal calendar.

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