Philly Ball Unhooked

As I’ve mentioned before, Orioles Park in Baltimore might be my favorite out of town sports trip destination. So it was especially painful to learn of yet another Phils defeat at the hands of their I-95 rivals to the tune of a 19-3 blowout. But as Philly sports fans know full well, as bad as things are, they can always get worse.

Apparently, it got so bad that the Phils started running out of relief pitchers and resorted to having one of their outfielders pitch a couple innings. When he got tired, the pitching coach called for some arms in the bullpen to get up and throwing. However, the push button phone in the bullpen was off the hook! The pictures below are courtesy of and, as you can see, waving a white towel to get your pitching staff’s attention in the absence of decent telecommunication service is NOT a good idea!

Heck, buy a kid a hot dog and get him to run a note over for ya! And with all due respect to the O’s and Phils coaching staff, as quaint and beautiful Baltimore’s ballpark is with all its retro-nostalgic glory, maybe it’s time that ballparks upgraded their bullpen phones to 21st century touch screens.

Well, whatever. Let’s face it…

Phillies Rally Towel Giveaway Night Has Been Postponed ‘Til Further Notice!

I got this nifty rally towel during the O’s win v the Tigers during last year’s divisional playoff. During previous seasons I’ve scored a Manny Machado bobblehead and an Eddie Murray statue. But ultimately we truly hope that our own hometown Phils show signs of getting things turned around sometime soon.

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