“O” Is For Orange…

As in Baltimore Orioles “O’s” orange, as we try to squeeze out a few more days and nights from the fleeting summer…

Our home team Phillies and our sentimental AL favorite Orioles both stand outside looking in at the playoff picture this year. But a visit to Camden Yards seldom disappoints, despite a lengthy rain delay during Saturday’s afternoon middle game of the series versus defending league champion Kansas City Royals.

batting practice

View of Friday night batting practice from the hotel room 11th floor. A black and orange sweatshirt giveaway brought in a sellout crowd so we settled for room view. O’s win on the strength of two grand slams in one inning.

rain delay on the field


The afternoon started out promising with a scarf giveaway…

delugeseeking cover

After a two hour rain delay, it was time to “play ball”. As we’d already bought tickets for the following night’s game, I was hoping it would’ve been called, making way for a split game doubleheader. I remember our family going to real “twi-nighters” years ago. Many
 O’s fans had already left with their scarves but a large contingent of Royals fans who had made the trip in were delighted with a sloppily played game won by the visitors behind the nine RBI of Mike Moustakas. Nick Markakis, incidentally, has flown the O’s nest for Atlanta but I don’t think it would’ve helped this particular evening. That packable L.L. Bean rain hoody is worth every penny though.

Manny Machado At Bat

Third Baseman Manny Machado. Nice view from the lower part of the upper deck.

down the line

Lower level. ESPN nationally televised game.

hot dog

The hot dog vendor steps up his game. And the lower level seats have cupholders!


Orange sky at night, O’s fan delight as the home teams takes two out of three for the weekend!


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