Fun, Funky Labels For Fine Wines

To take advantage of  one or more of the vast variety of online wine clubs affords an opportunity to try some marvelous beverage from little know corners of the world. There are many unique grape varieties to choose from as well as some unique combinations created by innovative vintners from all over the globe. It’s even more fun when winemakers get creative with their label designs.

wine label front

If you paid attention in high school Spanish class, you’d remember that Cuatro Vacas Gordas translates as “four fat cows”. Quite appropriate, as the 60/40 malbec and cabernet sauvignon Argentine blend pairs well with grilled skirt steak. Maybe grab a bottle to celebrate the current US tour of the first Argentine Pope!

But where, you might ask, is the “fourth” cow? Was it a labelling mistake or have you drank so much from the tasty bottle that you’re missing something? Re-cork, turn the bottle around and read on ye oenophilic vaquero...

wine label back

¡Está aquí!   


Oh, and check out their equally charming and beautiful website as well:

¡Salud, mis amigos!


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