Diamond Daytrip Diversions

Baseball fan travel differs from other sport tours because there exists greater opportunity for interesting side trips. Games play almost every day, with every third day or so occurring during the afternoon. So if you arrive downtown later in the day, you can decide to skip a game and enjoy other things and then grab tickets for next day’s game.

Of course, the stadium view rooms at the Baltimore Hilton made things even easier, allowing us to view the game versus the Seattle Mariners from our room on Wednesday night after spending the afternoon at the Walters Art Museum. It’s a relatively small four story building in light of the size and variety of its impressive collection, ranging from Impressionists paintings of Delacroix to artifacts of the ancient world of Rome, Greece, and Egypt.

pub menu

The museum has no cafe to speak of so we found this nice Irish pub close by. Need to check out the shepherd’s pie the next time around. It’s best to start your tour on the topmost fourth floor, where you will see exhibits and information related to the founding Walters family. Then work your way down. Free admission, so a donation is strongly encouraged.

vault door cat god

“Walk Like An Egyptian”

egyptian artifact

Wonder if he could hit a curve ball?

medieval armor

The Assumption

The Assumption

The current feature exhibit was the art of Italian Renaissance painter Carlo Crivelli.


A perhaps lesser known depiction of the Last Supper by the featured painter. Those halos seem pretty crazy.

The Last Supper

Griffin. Is it the head of a lion, body of an eagle, body of a lion, wings of an eagle…?


Carved Roman sarcophagi were a big highlight. Amazing, dramatic detail.


Grecian vase or urn. If you’d like to compose an ode or something to anything you enjoy about this particular post or blog in general, please do so in the comments, or by way of one of my social media accounts.


The O’s dropped two out of three to the Mariners during this midweek three game series, including this one on a cloudy but pleasant Thursday afternoon. We should be back soon, hopefully for the the playoffs. Grab a nice crab-filled soft pretzel at one of the establishments surrounding the ballpark before you head home.


Pre-game walk through.

Moving down behind home plate near the end of the game. The O’s and “Team Trumbo” fall short on this day.

home plate

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