Eye Opener, Or, More Fun With Funky Labels For Fun Wines

Our last college baseball road trip of the year took us to the White Plains area of New York State. No matter what the score, the Renaissance Hotel bar and restaurant there does not disappoint. I started out with a buffalo cauliflower appetizer and later an un-vegan sirloin salad over crispy flatbreads and mixed greens in a tangy vinaigrette, both outstanding.

Beverage choice was an Australian blended red (mostly shiraz). As I’ve previously mentioned, delicious wines are even more fun when presented with a fun, funny, funky label.

red wine bottle

I have to admit, though, that I was part way through my second (Ok, maybe third glass) before it suddenly dawned on me that what I thought was minimalist no frills labeling is actually meant to resemble a doctor’s office eye chart. Pretty clever.

baseball field

Returning from NY state to Doylestown PA for the home field Sunday doubleheader.


restaurant bar

The hotel is located close to Yonkers Raceway, so we most likely will return to this area for harness racing and fine wining and dining.

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