Electric Football: Eleven Reasons You Should Watch/Play It

  electric football game program  

1)  Ages 9 to 90+  can play. If you understand the basics of NFL football you can learn the game. If you’re old, young,  short, tall, fat, played for your school, or never suited up for real at all, you can learn the game from a actual nationwide rule book that includes virtually every element of the actual game- running, passing, kicking, defense, etc. The game is a great social equalizer yet steeped in gridiron tradition.

2) Somebody in the neighborhood has one of these from  their childhood that they got as a Christmas gift or birthday present, etc. Almost everyone is familiar with these games but few of us learned out how to play it in way true to the actual “real” pro game.  If you can assemble chess pieces on a board you can set up a game, set up leagues, run tournaments, etc.

 3)   Even if the board from your childhood is all busted up, you can build your own, or, if you are handy with tools, fix up and remodel the one you already  got.

 4)  Maybe your favorite NFL team changed their uniforms and you hate it as much as I hate “midnight green”? With some hobby store paints you can relive the days of your favorite era. The kelly green and silver of Wilbert Montgomery, Reggie White and Randall Cunningham lives again!

RIP Buddy Ryan 1934-2016

 5)  A grown man can still wear his favorite football jersey even if he’s not going to a real game. Heck, if you’re a  fiftysomething Cincinnati Bengals fan you can wear an Ickey Woods jersey and it’s OK. No millennial would dare ask who or even what an Ickey Woods is.

 6)  You don’t need cable subscription, or the latest  Xbox, Playstation, Sega Genesis console.

 7)  No commercials. No Joe Buck either. Heck, if someone brings a decent enough sound system to wherever basement or upstairs bar lounge is hosting the thing there’s bound to be people there who think they can do a better job than him (and they might be right).

  game time live action  

8)  Did I say no cable subscription? But again, if someone comes equipped with a modern enough flat screen TV, some “cabling” cables and camcorder or cellphone cam you’re good to go. Put the highlights on YouTube. Highlights yes, but no video reviews of controversial calls are necessary because all players “freeze” to a full stop in their molded plastic bases at the end of every play.

 9)  No personal seat license fees required. Whether someone caters, brings their own or not, etc. food and beverage prices are way better that those at the stadium. No parking passes either, unless a tournament is going on at the Waldorf, where you have to tip valet parking?

10) No need to search for a league commissioner with a gajillion dollar $alary to arbitrate on PEDs, unauthorized OTAs, deflated balls, etc. Someone with a great looking board, a case full of beautifully painted players and social skills pertinent to effective event planning a must. Much better off without Roger Goodell.

11) The sport is the real deal and is trending. ESPN even hired an award winning filmmaker to do a short documentary about a neighborhood group who formed their own organized league. You can watch it HERE:

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