Random “Rocktober” Stuff

The month of October, resplendent with the fiery colors of fall foliage amid the brisk chilly air, serves as a potent reminder to us all that yet another year has quickly come and, hence, will soon be gone. We look toward the upcoming holidays with hopeful anticipation and, to next month’s general election perhaps with nervous trepidation. But the O in October can also stand for opportunity, if we allow for it.

Below are some random photos snapped at two events I attended this month involving friends and acquaintances from the region’s very diverse disability community. The month of October is as good a time as any to find ways to enhance your life and of others in your community by becoming involved with an advocacy organization, a charity, school, neighborhood youth recreation facility, or senior citizen activity center, etc.

Disability Pride Parade, Trenton, NJ, October 7th, 2016

rolling flag

These colors don’t run. They just keep on rollin’!

trenton mayor

Introducing the mayor of Trenton. Check out the guy on the right with the “clean energy” backpack though!

chair dancing singer cuban dance

Performers with disabilities showcased unique talents ranging from wheelchair dancing, to rock and folk, Caribbean, and country western. Even some stand up comedy!


The celebration concludes as the staff of Alliance Center For Independence of Edison, NJ takes the stage. Thank you to ACI, performers, emcees Millie and Maria, and to all involved for making this event a huge success year after year. See you again in 2017!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

eagle table

Incidentally, I did not actually march in the #NJDPP but did stay at the Wyndham Hotel adjacent to the festivities. This beautiful eagle table greets visitors in the hotel lobby. How ’bout those ‘Birds! “Fly Eagles, Fly!”


“Empowerment Through the Lifespan” Conference, The Lakeview School, Edison, NJ, October 22nd 2016

  medical presentation   sports presentation  

legal presentation

The Spina Bifida Resource Network, “theSBRN” of central New Jersey organized an all day Saturday conference with excellent speakers covering various topics of interest to those impacted by spina bifida. Discussions focused on medical issues, adaptive sports, and legal issues pertinent to spina bifida and other disabilities. Kudos to the staff  of “theSBRN” and all presenters and participants for creating a fun and informative event that was well worth it for those braving the dreary rain and cold to take part. Plus breakfast and lunch were provided! Thank you!

teal ribbon

Finally, if you have read all this and would like to know more about spina bifida, you might be interested in Spina Bifida Association of America‘s teal-colored #BeyondAllLimits hashtag social media campaign to promote October Spina Bifida Awareness Month.

SBAA text

teal ribbon


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