School Yourself On Super Bowl Proposition Bets

If you can’t work up enough rooting interest for either the New England Patriots in their quest for yet another NFL title, nor for the Atlanta Falcons’ shot at their very first one, there’s always the enticement of tailgate-style food and beverage and the persistent distraction of lavishly produced TV commercials.

Plenty of wagering opportunities abound too! If the point spread or the over/under of total points scored don’t interest you, there exist dozens of proposition bets to take advantage of that often don’t even involve actual game elements at all. The betting opportunities seem to become more unique and fascinating each year. The over/under for running time of the national anthem, first song performed at halftime, the opening coin toss, and what flavor Gatorade dumped on the winning coach are just some of the usual prop bets available to even the most casual fan willing to drop a dime or two.

scarlet Rscarletknight

Since my alma mater has the distinction of having the most players of any other school participating in the game this year (a fifth player is on injured reserve, yielding  a total of four, tied with Alabama and Stanford) I’m throwing around a few Rutgers University themed prop bets to enhance the Super Bowl LI festivities.

First consider Atlanta receiver Mohamed Sanu. He’s a versatile enough player to have a whole prop bet tip sheet devoted solely to him. He’s been known throughout his scholastic and college career to lineup at quarterback on gadget plays to throw for a touchdown as well fun or catch for one. He plays special teams at times also.

I’m not an odds maker so I’ve arbitrarily assigned point values to various outcomes loosely based on level of difficulty. Take a a drink for each one if you are so inclined, or, if not, grab a chicken wing, dip some nacho chips, cheeseburger sliders, whatever.

Mohamed Sanu

Mohamed Sanu

Scores the first TD of the game.  2 pts.
Throws a pass for a first down or a TD or 2 pt conversion  3pts.
Catches a pass for a first down or a TD or 2 pt conversion  2pts.
Runs for a first down or a TD or 2 pt conversion  2pts.

Adjust the point totals as you see fit. If Sanu has a big day and you drink a shot for each big play, you could overindulge big time.

rutgers field

R. Amos

Rutgers Defensive Players

Logan Ryan, Devin McCourty and Duron Harmon all play defense for the Patriots, making for some unusual possible combination prop bets.

Two or more players each recover a turnover (fumble or interception).  3 pts.
Two or more players each score a touchdown (most likely involving a turnover). This could apply to both sides if Sanu were to score in addition to his former college teammates also scoring on defense.  3-4 pts.

A fumble
Blocked punt, PAT or field goal
Touchdown or two point conversion.
QB Sack (extra bonus its if accomplished by three or four different players).  2-6 pts.

Sanu  draws a pass interference penalty committed by a former college teammate covering him, or vice versa. This could interesting as I think I read that Logan Ryan and Sanu roomed together in college.  2 pts.

A Rutgers player scores the game winner.    3 pts.
A Rutgers player ends the game with the final play, i.e. game winning score, turnover, tackle/sack, exhausts the game clock running/catching the ball.  2 pts.


On-air specific mention of “Scarlet Knight(s)” or the full official name of the school, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.  1-2 pts.

Oh, and if there is either a play review or red flag challenge, you must run to the refrigerator and grab a snack, bathroom break, walk the dog/cat, etc. and make it back before the next play. 3 pts.

For the record, I think the Pats will win but I’m pulling for a Falcons upset and Mohamed Sanu MVP.  But would be just as happy if one of the Scarlet Knight Patriots get MVP as well.

“For Amusement Only”

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