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Spring In The Valley: Brews And Baseball…

...including a mini beer review!


The Scranton-Wilkes-Barre area lies nestled in the beautiful Wyoming Valley of northeastern Pennsylvania. In addition to minor league hockey and baseball it is the home of some very competitive small college teams, including Misrecordia, Wilkes, King’s, and the Delaware Valley “Aggies”, pictured above, lower left, in action on the road against Fairleigh Dickinson Universtiy-Madison, NJ.

We spent two nights in the valley at the Holiday Inn East Mountain as we followed our Aggies from the picturesque spring settings of the valley to the spartan baseball diamond of FDU at Florham Park in Jersey. The pictures above (continuing counter-clockwise) show a nice cold pint of Susquehanna Beer Company’s Goldencold Lager brew on tap in the hotel “Bistro”, the “green power” of the windmills visible from the hotel lobby, and, the first glimpses of spring color out back behind  the breakfast restaurant.

I found the SBC lager to be a refreshing change of pace from the bitter and heavy, oh-so-trendy, IPAs heavily in demand nowadays. More full-flavored than a pilsner or your basic can ‘o “Bud” it paired well with the grilled cod available in the hotel restaurant. Out of curiosity, I also tried an SBC Pils Noir from the tap, but did not like this unusual  “dark pilsner” as much, as it seemed more about bitterness and less about balanced flavor.

Regardless of what the astronomical calendar says, this weekend felt like the first real bloom of spring. I hope to visit this area again soon.


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Day At The Museum- Part II

 The display of the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves does not allow for photographs, due of course to their fragility under bright light and continuuing value to academic research scholarship. However, the artifacts from the caves of Qumran, dating back as far as 3,000 years ago, are dramatically displayed for up close observation for the viewing pleasure of museum patrons. We were able to actually touch the piece of rock wall pictured below left. Visitors to the exhibit could also leave paper notes in the crevices of rock at part of the west wall of the Jewish Temple near the end of the exhibit.

Stone Wall Jars

The exhibit included items depicting human facial likenesses, coinage, royal seal medallions, and even examples  (not shown) of weaponry, such as arrowheads and sling stones (reminiscent of the David and Golitah story in the Bible). Below left are cosmetic implements, many centuries prior to Maybelline and Max Factor!.

Below is a photo of a ceremonial tub, most likely utilized for religious rituals as opposed to bathing for personal hygienic purposes.

After departing these powerful sights from the ancient world, the family headed to the permanent exhbits, noted for child friendly hands-on displays and a walk-through human heart. The state-of-the-art cinema complex includes a planetarium and 3D and IMAX theaters. The train room provides an up close view of Industrial Age transportation technology.

The Franklin Institute, though perhaps not as famous as museums in cities such as New York and Chicago (or even that place nearby where Rocky Balboa raced up the steps), has recently transformed into a must see destination for visitors to the “City of Brotherly Love”. In the past couple years it has wowed visitors by mounting exhibitions of Cleopatra’s treasures and has even given them the opportunity to look through the very same telescope invented by Galileo! The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit runs until October 14th, 2012.

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Day At The Museum Part I- Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit

Below are photos of our family trip to the Franklin Institute to see the Dead Sea Scrolls archaeological exhibit. I am still learning multiple picture table style layout for this blog so more is to come.

exhibit entrance

Pictured above is the entrance to the museum and the timeline themed corridors of the exhibit. Photographs of the heavily glassed encased rotunda display of the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves were not permitted due to their sensitivity to ambient light. Photo of Benjamin Franklin atrium statue courtesy of the Franklin Institute.

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Sights of DC Summer Weekend ’11

My brother and I enjoyed a fun time in DC while attending a Phillies vs. Washington Nationals game this weekend. Phils dropped two out of three to the Nats, including our Friday night game.  Long rain delay on Friday resulted in us securing field level seats for the late ending game. Too bad Phils couldn’t hold on for the win. But beautiful summer weather on Saturday, and some amazing exhibits in the museums of Our Nation’s Capital made for a great weekend! The crab corn chowder at Capitol City Brew Pub was excellent. Here are just a few photos.

Phils First Baseman Ryan Howard Holds Down His Corner

Lunar ModuleStill Life

US Capitol Building

Clockwise: Lunar Module, Air & Space Museum;  Picasso Still Life (detail), National Gallery of Art; Drink Coaster, Capitol City Brewing Company; US Capitol Building

Former Phillies Rightfielder Jayson Werth

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AbilitiesExpo 2011


Hangin’ out with Team M&M at the ‘Expo! Please donate what you can to our June 5th walk. You can make a donation to my own team by clicking HERE!

Thank you.

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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…

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NECC Wrap-Up and Back Home

Turns out Wednesday was more a day for relaxation and dinner plans than for any more conferencing. It was a great time but it’s wonderful to be home for a relatively quiet Fourth of July for unpacking and re-organizing!

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